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Sri Lanka 212.98 LKR
India 54.6 INR
Philippines 36.30 PHP
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Gamme Kade

Gamme Kade was established in the year 2013.Since setting up initially over a decade ago, the journey till present day has been exciting. Through numerous challenges and expensive lessons learnt we have continued to grow to better your shopping experience over the years.

We provide the best Sri Lanka has to offer through a range of quality products and stellar customer service. We have everything you need to make your authentic South Asian dish. Apart from our spices and grocery items, our fresh food services, frozen food range and sweet items will undoubtedly make you feel at home here in Australia.

Under a new management, during the past 12 months we have brought in many positive changes around the store including the inclusion of a modern user-friendly POS system. We have expanded our product range bringing you famous Sri Lankan brands such as P&S, FAB and Green Cabin. We have more exciting news to come including a delivery service, discounted pricing on high demand essentials and a loyalty program for all customers. We hope you join us in our journey and experience what we have to offer at Gamme Kade.

Our mission

To bring you the best Sri Lanka has to offer through the range of services we have created for you.

Our vision

To further expand our network and continue to promote Sri Lanka to you.

Our services

What are We doing

Sri Lankan & South Asian grocery items

Looking to prepare a South Asian dish? Worry no more. We have everything you require.

Send money

Looking to transfer funds overseas, Here at Gamme Kade we have a range of services you can choose from.


Looking to send goods to Sri Lanka? You’ve come to the right place.

Fresh food

Missing the sensation of consuming popular Sri Lankan food items? Well, you have come to the right place.

Why choose us

To really look different
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Range of Services

At Gamme Kade, we offer more than groceries. Our fresh food services, cargo services, money transfer services enable you to connect better with our culture and loved ones.

Competitive Pricing

We continue to put forth amazing deals and sales with many more exciting promotions to come in near future, we offer value to your hard earned money in the best way we can.


At Gamme Kade our focus is to give you the best customer experience there is, our newly upgraded Point of Sales system enables you to a range of services including the option for you to send your receipt digitally directly to your phone. We will be implementing gift cards and a well thought out loyalty program scheme for all of you very soon.


Our shelves are always full and contains lots of variety, if you are a regular customer you know what we mean. We continue to bring in more and more of your favourite products so that you can select and choose from, letting you experience the best Sri Lanka has to offer.

A different kind of grocery store

We at Gamme Kade are striving to go above and beyond your shopping expectations.

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